Purchase Order Details for IMP(580-C)/Pur/2006-07/785

PO Date:- 2007-03-30

Purchase Order Cost:- US$ 56300.00

Name of Item:-Oxford’s INCA energy TEM 200 EDS X-Ray Micro Analysis System


Vendor Name:-M/s. Oxford Instruments, UK through M/s. Blue Star Limited, Mumbai



Technical Specifications :-


Oxford's INCA energy TEM 200 EDS X-Ray Micro Analysis System

Item          Quantity      Description

1              1                  INCA TEM 200 X-ray Microanalysis System consist of 136 eV, 30 mm2, thermally recyclable EDS detector Boron to Uranium, 7 lit. Dewar.

                                     Detector with patented crystal conditioning circulatory for automatic ice removal.

                                     Microanalytical processor:

                                     High Speed Micro controller with memory and associated circuitry for acquisition and processing of the X-ray signal.  This includes the applications:

                                      Elemental Analysis

                                      Elemental mapping –Single / Multiple

                                      Image Acquisition

                                      Quant Optimisation

                                      Reporting in user defined Format.

                                      Built in Navigation Tool

                                      Advisor Multimedia Educational kit