Purchase Order Details for IMP(580-B)/Pur/2006-07/784

PO Date:- 2007-03-30

Purchase Order Cost:- US$ 84300.00

Name of Item:-Gatan Digital CCD camerafor JEOL JEM 2100


Vendor Name:-M/s. Gatan Inc., USA through M/s. Blue Star Limited, Mumbai



Technical Specifications :-


Gatan Digital CCD camerafor JEOL JEM 2100

Item        Quantity                                Part no.                  Description

1              1                              794.10.BY.2            Multiscan 600HP MSC 1K x 1K pixel to 200 kV operation

                1                              820.3                       Gatan Firm Wire product adaptor

                1                              711.07734               IBM compatible computer system with 24       inches LCD Dell Precision 2GB,                                                                                                         Pneumatic 4 Processor, Fire wire CR-RW,       Windows XP

                1                              700.P2000.1            Gatan Microscopy Suite Package and all other accessories