Purchase Order Details for IMP(446-A)/41/2007/PB/747

PO Date:- 2008-03-26

Purchase Order Cost:- JPY 6200000.00

Name of Item:-HPLC Pump Model PU 2089


Vendor Name:-Jasco International Co. Ltd., Japan through Anatek Services pvt. Lt.,



Technical Specifications :-

HPLC Pump Model PU 2089

Degasser built in

Rheodyne injector 7725i along with syringe

Thermostated column oven CO-2060

Column switching valve 3-way

Columns C8, C18 and Chiralpak AD each 2 Nos. each

Photodiode array detector model MD-2015

Circular Dichroism Detector CD-2095 along with LD-CD control program with spectra manager

21 CFT Part 11 software including LC NET II ADC Box (1 No.) and Chrompass Software (1 No.)