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(a) Preparation of highly stable iodizing agent;
(b) cost-effective iodizing agents and their preparation

Inventor: P K Ghosh

IPR Status: US Patent Application No: 12/086 542

The present invention is directed to provide a novel iodized salt that is iodized by- the mixture of iodide and iodate in 5:1 molar ratio is used for iodization of salt and is shown to be a source of latent elemental iodine that can be liberated from the salt under acidic conditions such as that which prevails in the stomach. The iodizing agent is stabilized in the salt by adjusting pH to be in the range of 7.5-8.0. The said iodizing agent may be prepared cost-effectively through the reaction of pure iodine crystals with a suitable alkali.

Advantages of the invention:

/br> i. Iodine in the form of more potent elemental iodine can be delivered in the stomach through the vehicle of salt.
ii. The iodizing agent of the present invention would be both easier and cheaper to produce than either of the conventional iodizing agents used hitherto for salt iodization, namely pure iodide or iodate salts.
iii. Delivery of iodine in the form of elemental iodine via the iodide-iodate system may lead to greater efficacy of treatment of iodine deficiency disorders.


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