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Device for remote monitoring of brine density in salt works

Inventor: P K Ghosh

IPR Status: US Patent No: 6,865,942

The present invention relates to a novel device that enables a person to gauge the brine density in solar salt works from afar without recourse to sampling of the brine. The device--which can be considered as an improvisation over the conventional laboratory type Baume meter can be placed directly in the salt pan. The device remains sunk, and therefore invisible, until the desired density of brine is approached. Thereafter it gradually floats up and becomes visible from afar. From appropriate markings on the rod connected to the top end of the device, it can be gauged whether the brine is yet to attain the desired density, or has attained the desired density range, or has exceeded the desired density range. The device is resistant to corrosion and able to combat extreme weather conditions prevailing in solar salt works. The control of brine density from afar helps eliminate the need for frequent sampling of brine for density measurement that would make adherence to the optimum process of salt production easier. The methodology can be extended to production of other marine chemicals such as carnallite and kainite.

Advantages of the invention:

The material of construction of the device is compatible with any brine of any concentration, and is tolerant to the corrosive property of brine and the large temperature variations in the solar salt works that are typically set up in semi-arid regions. The materials used for construction of the device are fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. The configuration of the device is so made as to minimize accumulation of salts that might alter the precision of the device.


Technology licensed to:

Units given to Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd., for testing. Units helped to improve the quality of salt.