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Cost-effective process for recovery of low sodium salt from bittern

Inventor: R.N. Vohra

IPR Status: US Patent No: 6,890,509

A new process for recovery of Low Sodium Salt from bittern has been described in the present invention, the said process comprising desulphatation of bittern (by-product of salt industry), evaporation of bittern in solar pans and processing of solid mixture with water to produce a mixture of sodium and potassium chlorides and optionally preparing "free flowing" and iodized, by known techniques.

Advantages of the invention:

(i) The ratio of KCl and NaCl can be adjusted in the range from 20% KCl to 70% KCl according to customer requirements by varying the baume density at which the carnallite crystallizer pan is charged.


Technology licensed to:

Ms/ Archean Group of Chemical Industries , Chennai