Salt & Marine Chemicals

The activities are centred around the improvement in quality and yield of salt recovered from marine, sub-soil and inland brines and development of processes for the recovery of valuable marine chemicals like potash and magnesium chemicals by the down stream processing of bittern.

Recent activities of Salt & Marine Chemicals Division


  • Design and layout of solar salt works suiting to any type of brine viz. Sea/sub-soil or Lake brine.
  • Establishing Model Salt Works at various parts of the country to demonstrate the best practices of salt manufacture.
  • Recovery of world's best quality solar salt in the field from sea/sub soil and lake brine.
  • Fortification of common salt with essential nutrients such as iodine, zinc, iron etc.
  • Spherical salt for speciality applications
  • Iodide free salt  and salt with proper calcium to magnesium ratio suitable for chloroalkali industries
  • Recovery of value added bittern based products like low sodium salt, Potassic fertilizers (MOP and SOP) and Magnesium chemicals of improved quality integrated with salt production.
  • Exploitation of natural resources at GRK.
  • Salt cluster development across the country as a part of societal missions on salt & marine chemicals with Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies like SEWA, ANANDI ARHAM etc.
  • Wide database on thermal and physical properties
  • Semi mechanization of small scale salt works
  • Survey of lands for suitability of development of salt works
  • Experience of working with personnel at the grass root level.
  • Conducting training programs for salt manufacturers and industrial personnel of various levels


Has a dedicated team of scientists having expertise in diversified fields like Inorganic/Physical chemistry, Phase equilibrium of inorganic salt systems, Solution chemistry of brine systems, Nanomaterials, Salt & Marine chemicals technology, Design and lay out of solar salt works, Salt engineering etc.

A number of innovative routes have been developed and patented for the recovery of different types of salt for its varied applications. We are in a position to offer competitive technologies for the production of world-class salt integrated with the recovery of valuable marine chemicals like Bromine, Low sodium salt, Muriate of Potash (MOP), Sulphate of Potash (SOP), and high purity Magnesium chemicals.

We have been publishing high quality research papers related to brine systems in reputed international journals with a good impact factor. Also, the discipline has been granted various National and International patents in the area of Salt & Marine Chemicals.

The recent innovations have accredited the following US patents to the institute.

  • A Process for Recovery of Common Salt and Marine Chemicals from Brine in Integrated Manner", US Patent No. 6,776,972 dated 17-08-2004
  • Process for the recovery of low sodium salt from bittern US Patent No. 6,890,509 dated May 10, 2005.
  • A novel device for estimation of brine density in solar salt works from afar. US Patent No 6,865,942, DT. 15/03/2005
  • Improved Process for Simultaneous Recovery of Industrial Grade Potassium Chloride Edible Salt Enriched with KCl (Low Sodium Salt) from Bitter. US Patent Application No. 10/ 814,779 dated 30-03-2004
  • Novel Integrated Process for the Recovery of  Sulphate of Potash (SOP) from Sulphate Rich Bittern US Patent Application No. 10/814,778 dated.30-03-2004
  • A cost-effective process for preparation of solar salt having high purity whiteness  (US Patent application No. 11/992533 dtd: 25/03/2008, EP1928569)
  • Free flowing 100-500 micrometer size spherical crystals of common salt and process for preparation thereof (US patent PUB. 209 US2009176096 A120090709)
  • An Improved Process of the Preparation of Common Salt of High Purity from Brines in Solar Salt Pans (US patent application No. 12/240762 dtd: 29/09/2008)

We take up projects related to Salt, Marine & Inorganic chemicals on Sponsored/ Consultancy basis as per CSIR guidelines.

We have offered consultancy services to a number of reputed firms like, Grassim India Ltd. TATA Chemicals, HLL, GHCL, GACL, IPCL, HSL, Navin Flourine, Chemfab alkalies etc. Two overseas projects on setting up a solar salt works at Quatar in Doha and designing and commissioning a plant for production of refined free flow salt at Mauritius have been successfully completed. We have taken up collaborative projects with Salt Department, Govt. of India; Industries Department, Govt. of Rajasthan; Department of Handicrafts & cottage Industries, Govt. Of Orissa , Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat, Rural Technology Institute, Govt. of Gujarat and NGOs like SEWA, ANANDI, AHRAM etc.