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Synthesis of nanostructured materials using metal ammonium carbonate complex as precursor

Funding Agency:-Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2012-05-16

Date of Completion: 2015-05-15



Development of polymer Electrolyte membrane for non-conventional Electrochemical Energy Devices.

Funding Agency:-Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, HEFC Division, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2012-02-16

Date of Completion: 2015-02-15



Establishment of model salt farm in Markanam salt Factory, Tamilnadu

Funding Agency:-Salt Commissioner, Government Of India, Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur 302 004

Date of Commencement: 2011-09-20

Date of Completion: 2016-11-30



Development of chiral catalysts for asymmetric hydroformylation of the synthesis of chiral drug intermediates

Funding Agency:-Department of S & T, Ministry of S & T, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2010-03-30

Date of Completion: 2013-03-29



Development of transgenic groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) for enhanced abiotic stress tolerance

Funding Agency:-Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2009-03-24

Date of Completion: 2012-03-23



High performance nanocomposite polyelectrolyte membranes with low electro-osmotic drag for energy and electrochemical devices

Funding Agency:-DST, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2008-08-08

Date of Completion: 2011-08-07



Exploratory study for conversion of carbide lime of DSCL, Kota into precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)

Funding Agency:-DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd, Kota, NRDC, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2008-06-17

Date of Completion:



Climate change and adaptation in coastal saline ecosystem: a) Development of transgenic for enhanced salt tolerance and b) CO2 sequestration by autotrophic soil bacteria

Funding Agency:-CSIR, New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2008-05-26

Date of Completion:



Developing 2 acre Jatropha plantation at Talegaon, Maharashtra

Funding Agency:-General Motors India Pvt., Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra

Date of Commencement: 2008-05-19

Date of Completion: 2013-05-18



Beneficiation studies of Attapulgite, for their application in bleaching, oil well drilling and pharmaceutical industries

Funding Agency:-GMDC Science & Research Centre, ahmedabad

Date of Commencement: 2008-04-08

Date of Completion: