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Supply one 15 LPH capacity EDI unit with resistivity ~18Mohms

Funding Agency:-M/s Lab-Sil Glassworks, Bangalore

Date of Commencement: 2018-12-13

Date of Completion: 2019-04-12



Fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of 7 RO based desalination plants (6 of 1500 LPH and 1 of 1000 LPH) capacity in different villages of Ramnathpuram District, Tamilnadu

Funding Agency:-ONGC, Chennai

Date of Commencement: 2018-12-11

Date of Completion: 2019-03-31



Adequacy and stability study of treated effluent discharge point after resuming the discharge of treated effluent for Jay Chemicals Industries Ltd, Khambhat

Funding Agency:-Jay Chemicals Industries, Khambhat, Gujarat

Date of Commencement: 2018-11-02

Date of Completion: 2020-11-01



Award of DST INSPIRE Fellowship to Ms. Rajeshwari Tiwari for pursuing PhD at CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar

Funding Agency:-Department of Science & Technology (DST) New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2018-11-01

Date of Completion: 2023-10-31



Farming of Seaweeds in Andhra Pradesh: Pre-feasibility studies and hands on seaweed cultivation

Funding Agency:-Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation, Vijayawada

Date of Commencement: 2018-09-01

Date of Completion: 2020-08-31



Environmental monitoring of Priya Blue Industries Pvt., Ltd., Alang

Funding Agency:-Priya Blue Industries Pvt., Ltd., Alang

Date of Commencement: 2018-08-17

Date of Completion: 2020-08-16



Design, febrication installation operational training and supply of 500 LPH capacity brackish water RO Plant (One nos.) at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Smriti Mandir Khetri, Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan).

Funding Agency:-Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Smriti Mandir Khetri, Jhunjhunu

Date of Commencement: 2018-08-07

Date of Completion: 2019-02-07



Molecular and functional characterization of AIRab7 and its interacting target protein from a salt secreting halophyte Aeluropus lagopoides for modulating stress signalling (WOS-A Project)

Funding Agency:-Department of Science & Technology (DST) New Delhi

Date of Commencement: 2018-07-19

Date of Completion: 2021-07-18



Impart training on seaweed cultivation adn dissemination of farming along the Tamil Nadu coast, India

Funding Agency:-National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad

Date of Commencement: 2018-07-18

Date of Completion: 2018-11-17



Testing of efficancy of LSF, Zeolite granules and granules coated with LSF on 3 test crops

Funding Agency:-Mahek Agro Mineral Pvt., Ltd. Bhavnagar

Date of Commencement: 2018-07-13

Date of Completion: 2019-03-31