Dr. Doongar Ram Chaudhary

Designation: Sr. Scientist
Phone No:
Phone Ext. No: 6310
E-Mail: drchaudhary[at]csmcri.res.in

Research Activities

Nutrient cycling in coastal ecosystem, isolation and characterization of halo-tolerant PGPRs


Soil science, soil fertility, plant nutrition, soil microbiology

Research Paper in Journals:

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Papers presentation in conferences: 

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Book/ book chapter

Chaudhary, D. R. and Shukla, L. M. (2007). Soil test methods for assessing nutrients availability. In: Emerging Trends in Soil Management. (Eds.) Kapoor, B. B. S., Mathur, S. K., and Soni, M.L. pp. 43-90.  Madhu Publications, Bikaner 334 003 (India) ISBN 81- 86644-13-X.


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Fellowship and Award:

Availed BOYSCAST fellowship 2008-09 (Department of Science and Technology, GOI) and visited School of Environment and Natural Resources, Ohio State University from 20/05/2009 to 19/05/2010 worked on "studies on microbial community dynamics associated with rhizosphere carbon flow and carbon dynamics in soil using 13carbon pulse-chase labeling method".  

 Awards Shri Ram Khad Patrika Award (Fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi), 2003

 S. K. Seth prize 2009 for best research paper in Ecology and Environment by the Indian Forester, Dehradun