Mr. Sandipkumar Maganlal Vaniya

Designation: Scientist
Phone No:
Phone Ext. No: 7810
E-Mail: svaniya[at]

Research Activities

PhD Pursuing in Image Processing and Computer Vision


Image Processing, Optimization Techniques, Human Computer Interface

S.Vaniya, S. Gupte, and B. Solanki. "Multi Robot Path Planning Algorithms - A Survey" International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Research and Development (IJCSERD), ISSN 2248-9371(online) , Volume 1, Number 1, April-June 2011 pg. 38-49 - Chennai(India).

 S.Vaniya, P. Sharma., "Communication as a Service base Cloud". International Conference on emerging Technology Trends-Coimbatore (India), March 2011.

S.Vaniya, B Lad, S Bhavsar. " A Survey on Agent Communication Languages" 2nd International Conference on Innovation, Management and Service (ICIMS) -Singapore, September 2011.