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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders 241 to 248 of 248

241 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(550)/Pur/2006-07/507

Purchase Order Date:- 2008-01-12

Name of the Item:- HP ProLiant BLc7000 server blade


Vendor's Name :- Akal Information Systems Ltd.

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242 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(388)/34/2007/PB/462

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-12-28

Name of the Item:- 797 VA computrace for metal analysis


Vendor's Name :- Metrohm AG, Switzerland, through M/s. Micro Devices Metrohm Limited

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243 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(618)/Pur/2006-07/419

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-12-17

Name of the Item:- Hydrogen storage system main unit


Vendor's Name :- BEL Japan Inc., Japan through M/s. S.G.Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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244 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(386-LF)/Pur/2006-07/379

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-11-02

Name of the Item:- Supplying, installing, testing and commissioning bench type fume hood


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Citizen Industries

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245 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(146)/Pur/2007-08/223

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-09-06

Name of the Item:- IBM X3950 Server


Vendor's Name :- M/s. IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

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246 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(479)/Pur/2006-07/154

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-08-14

Name of the Item:- Refrigerated stackable incubator shaker Model SMX 1701


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Adolf Kuhner AG, Switzerland through M/s. Biogentek BG (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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247 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(390)/Pur/ 2006-07/101

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-06-06

Name of the Item:- Pressurised Solvent Extraction System


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Applied Separations Inc., USA through M/s. Crescent Scientific Pvt. Ltd.

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248 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(565-A)/Pur/2006-07/788

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-30

Name of the Item:- JASCO CD Polarimeter Model J-815 (150-L)


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Jasco International Co. Ltd., Japan through M/s. Anatek Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

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249 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(566-A)/Pur/2006-07/790

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-30

Name of the Item:- Steady state and time domain Spectrofluorometer


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc., USA through M/s. Laser Spectra Services India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

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250 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(580-A)/Pur/2006-07/783

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-30

Name of the Item:- Jeol 200 kV PC controlled Transmission Electron Microscope Model JEM 2100 Ultra high resolution version


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Jeol Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore through M/s. Blue Star Limited, Mumbai

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