वैज्ञानिक तथा औद्योगिक अनुसंधान परिषद


ज्ञान संसाधन केन्द्र (पुस्तकालय)

जर्नल के प्रकार:National

सदस्यता वर्ष:2010

क्रमांक पत्रिका का नाम प्रकाशक  
1 Annals of Library Sci. & Information Studies NISCAIR Print,Electronic
2 Applied Botany Abstract Economic Botany Information Service Print
3 Awiskar National Research Development Corporation Print
4 Chemical Engineering World Jasubhai Media Print
5 Chemical Industry Digest Blockdale Print
6 Chemical Product Finder Jasubhai Media Print
7 Chemical Trade Intelligence IBIS Print
8 Chemical Weekly Sevak Publications Pvt. Ltd. Print,Electronic
9 Current Science Indian Academy of Sciences Print,Electronic
10 Digit Nine Dot Nine Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Print
11 Down To Earth Centre for Science and Environment Print
12 Electrical India Chary Publication Print
13 Electronics For You EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Print
14 Facts For You EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Print
15 Green File (India) Centre for Science and Environment Print
16 IASLIC Bulletin Indian Association of Special Libraries & Information Centres Print
17 Indian Architect & Builders Jasubhai Media Print
18 Indian Chemical Engineer Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Print
19 Indian Concrete Journal ACC Limited Print
20 Indian Drugs Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association Print
21 Indian Farming Indian Counsil of Agricultural Research Print
22 Indian Forester The Indian Forester Print
23 Indian Horticulture Indian Counsil of Agricultural Research Print
24 Indian Hydrobiology Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology Print
25 Indian Jr. of Agricultural Science (ICAR) Indian Counsil of Agricultural Research Print
26 Indian Jr. of Agronomy The Indian Society of Agronomy Print
27 Indian Jr. of Biochemistry & Biophysics NISCAIR Print,Electronic
28 Indian Jr. of Chemical Technology NISCAIR Print,Electronic
29 Indian Jr. of Chemistry -A NISCAIR Print,Electronic
30 Indian Jr. of Chemistry -B NISCAIR Print,Electronic
31 Indian Jr. of Environmental Protection Kalpana Corporation Print
32 Indian Jr. of Experimental Biology NISCAIR Print,Electronic
33 Indian Jr. of Genetics And Plant Breeding The Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding Print
34 Indian Jr. of Marine Sciences NISCAIR Print,Electronic
35 Indian Jr. of Microbiology Springer Print,Electronic
36 Indian Jr. of Plant Physiology Indian Society for Plant Physiology Print
37 Indian Jr. of Pure & Applied Physics NISCAIR Print,Electronic
38 Indian Jr.of Agricultural Chemistry Indian Society of Agricultural Chemists Print
39 Indian Jr.of Horticulture The Horticultural Society of India Print
40 Indian Mining & Engg. Journal IME Print
41 Industrial Product Finder IPF Online Publication Print
42 Industrial Researcher Pranava Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd. Print
43 Inside Outside Business India Print
44 Journal of Cell And Tissue Research CTR Publication Print
45 Journal of Chemical Science Springer Print,Electronic
46 Journal of Earth System Science Springer Print,Electronic
47 Journal of Energy, Heat & Mass Transfer RCEHMT Print
48 Journal of Indian Chemical Society Indian Chemical Society Print
49 Journal of Indian Institute of Science IISc Press Print
50 Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science Indian Society of Soil Science Print
51 Journal of Industrial Pollution Control Enviro Media Print
52 Journal of Institution of Chemists (India) The Institution of Chemists (India) Print
53 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights NISCAIR Print,Electronic
54 Journal of Marine Biological Association of India The Marine Biological Association of India Print
55 Journal of Polymer Materials: An International Jr. MD Publications Pvt. Ltd. Print
56 Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research NISCAIR Print,Electronic
57 Mycorrhiza News Teri Print
58 Nandini Chemical Journal Nandini Institute of Chemical Industries Electronic
59 NICMAR, Jr of Construction Management National Institute of Construction Management and Research Print
60 Paint India Colour Publication Pvt. Ltd. Print
61 Pro. of The Indian National Sci. Aca/Pinsa(A&B) The National Academy of Science Print
62 Proceedings Mathematical Sciences Springer Print,Electronic
63 Resonance Springer Print,Electronic
64 Sadhana: Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences Springer Print,Electronic
65 Science & Culture Indian Science News Association Print
66 Science Reporter CSIR Print
67 Science, Technology & Society Sage Print,Electronic
68 Standards India Bureau of Indian Standards Print
69 University News Association of Indian Universities Print
70 Vatis Update : Biotechnology Asian and Pacific Centre of Technology Electronic
71 Vigyan Parishad Anusandhan Patrika Vigyan Parishad Prayag Print
72 Vigyan Pragti CSIR Print
73 Water Today-The Magazine Water Today Print
74 Yojana Minstry of Information and Broadcasting Print