Purchase Order Details for IMP(582)/104/2007/PB/775

PO Date:- 2008-03-31

Purchase Order Cost:- Euro 32731.00

Name of Item:-Axio Imager.M1 Microscope stand


Vendor Name:-Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, Germany through Carl Zeiss India Pte. Ltd.



Technical Specifications :-

Axio Imager.M1 Microscope stand (1 no)

Z-drive operation, flat; right (1 no)

6 position objective nosepiece (1 no)

Transmitted light illumination (1 no)

Double filter wheel (1 no)

Neutral-density filter set (1 no)

Binocular phototube (1 no)

Mechanical stage (1 no)

Specimen holder (1 no)

HAL 100 illuminator with collector (1 no)

Halogen lamp 12V 100W (2 no)

A-Plan Objective 5X (1 no)

A-Plan Objective 10X (1 no)

A-Plan Objective 20X (1 no)

 Plan-Neofluar 40X (1 no)

Plan-Neofluar 100X (1 no)

Eyepiece 10X (pair)

Achromatic-aplanatic Universal condenser (1 no)

DIC slider (1 no)

Condenser module DICII/0.9 with polarizer (1 no)

Condenser module DIC III /0.9 with polarizer (1 no)

Analyzer module DIC ACR P&C for transmitted light (1 no)

Reflected light illuminator for FL and HD (1no)

Reflector module (3 nos)

Filter set DAPI

Filter set 20 Rhodamin (1 no)

Filter set GFP (1 no)

Compensator mount (1 no)

HBO illuminator and collector (1 no)

Mercury lamp (1 no)

Power supply unit (1 no)

Multichannel fluorescence

Axiocam HRc Colour cooled camera (1 no)

Camera Adaptor (1 no)

Axio-vision software (1 no)