Purchase Order Details for IMP(565-A)/Pur/2006-07/788

PO Date:- 2007-03-30

Purchase Order Cost:- JPY 16387500.00

Name of Item:-JASCO CD Polarimeter Model J-815 (150-L)


Vendor Name:-M/s. Jasco International Co. Ltd., Japan through M/s. Anatek Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai



Technical Specifications :-



Description item


JASCO CD Polarimeter Model J-815 (150-L)

Light source: 150 W Xe Arc Lamp (Air cooled) [163-900 nm]

PMT with housing for extended range 163-1100 nm

Standard accessories

a.        CH-434 Cylindrical

b.        Inlet tube N2 gas, 3m

c.        Outlet tube N2 gas, 1m

d.        Tube bands, small

e.        Standard samples for CD

f.          Neodynium glass

g.        Sample chamber window

h.        Std tool kit

i.          Cable RS-232C and other for connection

j.          Mannual instruction/operation/service




1.        Rectangular Cell of 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm path length (1 each)

2.        Cylindrical cell of 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm path length (1 each)

3.        Fluorescence cell (Rectangular cell) 5mm, 10mm (1 each)



Additional Accessories for CD

1.        CDF-426L Peltier type CD/Fluorescence attachment

2.        FMO-427L Emission monochromator with programme

3.        LD-403 Linear Dichroism attachment

4.        ORDE-402 ORD Attachment

5.        Protein secondary structure estimation software

6.        FLM-430 N2 gas flow meter


Additional Xenon Lamp – One