Purchase Order Details for IMP(244)/01/2007/PB/627

PO Date:- 2008-02-22

Purchase Order Cost:- Rs. 10.00

Name of Item:-Biodiesel Rancimat for FAME (biodiesel)


Vendor Name:-Metrohm AG, Switzerland, through Micro Devices Metrohm Limited



Technical Specifications :-

Part No.2-873-0014 – 873 Biodiesel Rancimat for FAME (biodiesel)

Part No.6-1429-040 Reaction vessels (150mm) (117 Pcs) for 873 biodiesel rancimat

Part No.6-2418-100 Air inlet tubes for oil measurements (117 Pcs)

Part No.6-1428-030 Conductivity measuring vessel, glass for biodiesel ranchimat

Part No.6-2301-060 KCL Ion standard 250 ml

Part No.6-1839-000  Iso-Versinic® tubing for biodiesel measurements, 6mm i.d., 9mm o.d.; length 22 cm

Part No.6-2724-010 Dust filter

Part No.6-2753-100 Reaction vessel cover

Part No.6-2811-000 Molecular sieve, 250gm

Part No.6-1816-010 Silicon tubings

Part No.6-9914-133 Long reaction vessels (250 mm) for diesel and blend analysis

Part No.6-9924-010 Gas inlet tubes for diesel (248mm) for diesel and blend analysis