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51 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(798)/79-15/PB/750

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-12-22

Name of the Item:- Professional LED Display with integrated touch screen diagonal


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Globus Infocom Ltd.

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52 Purchase Order No. :- 10-21(690)/69-15/PB/643

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-10-20

Name of the Item:- Sci Genom Scientific


Vendor's Name :- M/s. SciGenom Labs Pvt.Ltd

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53 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(196)/19-15/PB/582

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-29

Name of the Item:- Spare EDX Detector for TEM X- streamunit


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Oxfords instruments plc Through M/s. Oxford instruments India Pvt.Ltd"

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54 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(253)/25-15/PB/574

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-28

Name of the Item:- In Situ Ftir Spectroscopy System


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Bruker Optik GmbH Through M/s. Bruker AXS Analytical Instruments Pvt.Ltd"

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55 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(412)/41-15/PB/580

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-28

Name of the Item:- Freeze Microtome


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Thermo Shandon Limited Through M/s. Labindia Instruments Pvt.Ltd"

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56 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(317)/31-15/PB/576

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-26

Name of the Item:- Fully Automatic bomb Calorimeter


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Parr Instrument Company Through M/s. Orbit Technologies Pvt.Ltd"

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57 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(422)/42-15/PB/569

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-24

Name of the Item:- Engine with testing rig according


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Swarg System & Instrument

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58 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(283)/28-15/PB/560

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-23

Name of the Item:- "PC Controlled fixed bed high pressure Catalytic reactor system with three gas"


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Hi-Tech Engineering

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59 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(173)/17-15/PB/524

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-16

Name of the Item:- Inverted fluorescent light Microscope


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Olympus Corporation Through M/s. DSS Imagetech Pvt.Ltd"

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60 Purchase Order No. :- 10-21(545)/54-15/PB/504

Purchase Order Date:- 2015-09-09

Name of the Item:- Whatman Products


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Whatman part of M/s. GE Healthcare (Life Science whatman)"

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