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21 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(1047)/16-17/PB/422

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-08-31

Name of the Item:- Laboratory furniture


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Citizen Industries

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22 Purchase Order No. :- 10-21(299)/16-17/PB/413

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-08-26

Name of the Item:- Invitrogen


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Invitrogen Life Technologies

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23 Purchase Order No. :- 10-21(90)16-17/PB/86

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-06-02

Name of the Item:- Tarson Plasticware


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Tarson Products Pvt.Ltd

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24 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(935)/93-15/PB/1338

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-22

Name of the Item:- Tray With Powder Coating and farmed plain glass


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Vishvkarma Mechanical Works

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25 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(791)/79-15/PB/1337

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-21

Name of the Item:- FTIR


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte.Ltd Through M/s. Toshvin Analytical Pvt.Ltd"

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26 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(441)/44-15/PB/1270

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-11

Name of the Item:- Sensor Photoelectric Peflect


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. AB Sciex Pte.Ltd Through M/s. AB Sciex DHR Holding India Pvt.Ltd"

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27 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(45)/45-15/PB/1247

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-10

Name of the Item:- Sputter coater


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH Through M/s. DHR Holding India Pvt.Ltd"

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28 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(977)/97-15/PB/1251

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-10

Name of the Item:- Chemkin Pro


Vendor's Name :- M/s. DHIO Research & Engineering

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29 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(984)/98-15/PB/1079

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-07

Name of the Item:- PSYPRO Channel Leaf Water Potential System


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Eltech International

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30 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(930)/93-15/PB/1009

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-03-02

Name of the Item:- Groundfos Make CRNF


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Grundfos pumps India Pvt.Ltd

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