Dr. V. Veeragurunathan

Designation: Scientist
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E-Mail: veeragurunathan[at]csmcri.res.in

Research Activities

As a team member in a project titled “Screening and selection of carrageenophytes for iota and lambda carrageenan and development of feasible cultivation methods for their scaled up farming” (P.Co: OLP-0046), involving in Gracilaria edulis cultivation at Thonithurai and Off-shore Kappaphycus cultivation at Palk Bay region in Tamilnadu. In CSIR 800 project, as team member, I engaged in Survey of Andhra and Oddisa seashore areas for selecting suitable site for Kappaphycus cultivation.


Marine algal Biology and Ecology, phycocolloid analysis, nutritional physiology (Nitrogen source) and bio-chemistry (Nitrate reductase and nitrite reductase enzyme activities) in red algae, culture and cultivation of seaweeds.

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