Dr. Alok Ranjan Paital

Designation: Scientist
Phone No:
Phone Ext. No: 7480
E-Mail: arpaital[at]csmcri.res.in

Research Activities

Selective extraction of metal ions from brine/bittern, Fortified salt


Coordination Chemistry, Metallacarboranes, Bioinorganic Chemistry



Ph.D., Coordination Chemistry, Sept  2007, IIT-Kharagpur.

M.Sc., Ravenshaw University, Cuttack Orissa.

Professional Experiences:

Postdoc. with Prof. Dimitri Coucouvanis, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Sept 2007- July 2009.

Postdoc. with Prof. M.F.Hawthorne, International Institute of Nano & Molecular Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, August 2009-July 2011.

Award & Honors:

2001 Qualified All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

2001 Awarded JRF-CSIR-UGC (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship in Chemical Sciences.

2007 NIH postdoctoral fellowship, University of Michigan.


Publications(Impact Factor):


14. Copper-thioarylazoimidazole complexes: Structures, photochromism and redox interconversion between Cu(II)↔Cu(I) and correlation with DFT calculation. Sarker. K.K.; Halder, S. S.; Banerjee, D.;Mondal, T.K.; Paital, A.R.; Nanda, P.K.;Raghavaiah,P.; Sinha, C. Inorg. Chim.Acta(2.32), 2010, 363, 2955.

13. Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Structural Characterization of the New,"Non-Innocent" 4,5-Dithio-Catecholate Ligand, Its Metal Complexes, and Their Oxidized 4,5-Dithio-o-quinone Derivatives. Coucouvanis, D.; Paital, A. R.; Zhang, Q.; Lehnert, N.; Ahlrichs, R.; Fink, K.; Fenske, D.; Powell, A. K..; Lan, Y. Inorg. Chem. (4.65), 2009, 48, 8830.

12. Structure and dimensionality of coordination complexes correlated to piperazine conformation: from discrete[CuII2] and [CuII4] complexes to a μ1,3-N3- bridged [CuII2]n chain. Paital, A. R.;Mandal, D.; Huang, X.; Li, J.; Aromi, G.;Ray, D. Dalton Trans.(4.08), 2009, 8,1352.

11. Dissymmetry of an exogenous bridging ligand facilitates the assembly of a ferromagnetic and chiral [CuIINiII] complex. Paital, A. R.; Ribas, J.; Barrios, L. A.; Aromi, G.; Ray, D. Dalton Trans.(4.08), 2009, 2, 256.

10. A novel [CuII4] cluster from the assemblyof two [CuII2L]+ units by a central μ4-1,1,2,2 perchlorate ligand. Paital, A. R.;Bertolasi, V.; Aromi, G.; Ribas-Arino, J.;Ray, D. Dalton Trans.(4.08), 2008, 7, 861.

9. New [LNiII2]+ Complexes Incorporating2-Formyl or 2,6-Diformyl-4-methyl Phenol as Inhibitors of the Hydrolysis of the Ligand L3-: Ni---Ni Ferromagnetic Coupling and S = 2 Ground States. Paital, A. R.; Wong, W. T.; Aromi, G.;Ray, D. Inorg. Chem.(4.65), 2007, 46, 5727.

8. Two Cu2 and Zn2 Metallamacrocycles Featuring a Novel Extended Π-Conjugated Carbazole Bridge. Paital, A. R.; Wu, A.-Q.; Guo, G-C.; Aromi, G.; Ribas-Arino, J.; Ray, D. (MOST ACCESSED ARTICLE). Inorg. Chem.(4.65), 2007, 46, 2947.

7. New mixed-metal aggregates derived from dinickel complexes on a 2-formylphenolate template: counteranion dependent formation of 1D chain and discrete NaNi2 complexes. Paital, A. R.; Mikuriya, M.; Ray, D. Eur. J. Inorg.Chem.(2.94), 2007, 34, 5360.

6. [(Tmp)Co2L] complexes through preassembly on 2,6-diformyl- and 2,6- bis(benzylimino)-4-methylphenolate templates. Paital, A. R.; Sarkar, M.; Mikuriya, M.; Ray, D. Eur. J. Inorg.

Chem.(2.94), 2007, 30, 4762.

5. [CuII4] clusters from the self-assembly of two imidazolidinyl 2-phenolate-bridged

[CuII 2] units: the role of the chloride bridge. Paital, A. R.; Hong, C. S.;Kim, H. C.; Ray, D. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.(2.94), 2007, 12, 1644.

4. Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) complexes of 8-aminoquinoline. Structure, spectra and photoluminescence property. Paira, M. K.; Dinda, J.; Lu, T.-H.; Paital, A. R.; Sinha, C. Polyhedron(2.20) 2007, 26, 4131.

3. Unique Asymmetric (CuII4) Double-Stranded Helicate from a Hexadentate Piperazine-Based Ligand: Ligand Conformation Isomerism upon Coordination. Paital, A. R.; Nanda, P. K.; Das, S.; Aromi, G.; Ray, D. Inorg. Chem.(4.65), 2006, 45, 505.

2. Substituted m-phenylene bridges as strong ferromagnetic couplers for CuII-bridge-CuII magnetic interactions: new perspectives. Paital, A. R; Mitra, T.; Ray,D.; Wong, W. T.; Ribas-Arino, J.; Novoa,J. J.; Ribas, J.; Aromi, G (COVER PAGE ARTICLE). Chem. Commun.(5.78), 2005, 41, 5172.

1. V2O5-H2O2: a convenient reagent for the direct oxidation of acetals to esters. Gopinath, R.; Paital, A. R.; Patel, B. K. Tet. Lett.(2.66),2002, 43,5123.



1. Metallacarborane Molecular Motors. Natasha Shlyakhtina, Alok Ranjan Paital, Ram Pichaandi, Alexander Safronov, Satish Jalisatgi, M. Frederick Hawthorne. The Missouri Nano Frontiers,University of Missouri, Columbia, Nov 18, 2009.

2. Synthesis structures and magnetic properties of 4,5-dithiocatechol. A new hybrid, "noninnocent", ligand and its metal complexes. Dimitri Coucouvanis, Alok R. Paital and Qinwei Zhang.Third North America – Greece – Cyprus Workshop on Paramagnetic Materials, Protaras, Paralimni,Cyprus, June 15, 19, 2009.

3. Coordination Induced Ligand Conformation Isomerism of a μ-Bis(tetradentate) Ligand with Piperazine Backbone: From Dinuclear to Tetranuclear and then to One-Dimensional Compounds. P.K. Nanda, A. R. Paital, M. Sarkar and D. Ray. 5th One Day Symposium in Chemistry,Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur, February 26, 2006.

4. Synthesis, Characterization and Ester Hydrolase Behaviour of Dicopper (II/II) Complexes of Biphenyl and m-Phynelene Spacers. T. Mitra, A. R. Paital and D. Ray, 4th One Day NationalSymposium in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,January 17, 2004.

5. Ethylene Tetramine Spacer For Bis(salen) Type Dicopper(II/II) And Dizinc(II/II) Complexes. A. R. Paital, T. Mitra and D. Ray. 4th One Day National Symposium in Chemistry, Department ofChemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, January 17, 2004.


Invited Talks:

1. Metallacarborane based Molecular Motors, IISER Mohali, 22nd March 2011.

2. Molecular Motors, IIT Delhi, 23rd March 2011.

3. Nickellacarborane Molecular Motors and Nano wires, IIT-Ropar, 31st March 2011.

4. Nickellacarboranes and Applications, Thapar University, 30th March 2011

5. Molecular Motors and Nano wires, IIT Bhubaneswar,18th April 2011