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Purchase Order Details for IMP(302-A)/12/2007/PB/14

PO Date:- 2008-04-17

Purchase Order Cost:- Euro 98992.00

Name of Item:-Rheometer, Model MCR 301


Vendor Name:-Anton Paar Germany GmbH, Germany through TTL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Technical Specifications :-

Rheometer, Model MCR 301

Software polymer analysis (spectrum relaxation, retardation, MWD, master curve)

Rheoplus software O + R

DSO software

C-PTD 200 Peltier temperature control device for cup and bob -40 to 200 deg C, heating/cooling rate 13 degC/min

Cup C-CC27/T200/SS

Bob B-CC27/Q1 Made of SS

P-PTD 200/56 peltier temp control device -40 to 200 deg C, heating/cooling rate 13 degC/min

Cone CP25-1/Q1, dia 25mm angle 1 o Made of SS

Plate PP 50/Q1, dia 50mm Made of SS

Standard double gap measuring system DG 26.7/T200

Measuring cup C-DG26.7/T200 made of SS

Measuring bob B-DG26.7/Q1 made of SS

Air dryer

Activated carbon filter

Dust filter

Compressor for main instrument

Standard Oil 50 BW, 100 ml

Standard Oil 5000 AW, 100 ml

Standard Oil 50000 BW, 100 ml

Convection Temp.control Chamber CTD 450 (temp 600 deg C)


SRF/Q1-CTD450 Solid Torsion Bar Fixture For Rectangular Bars

Foil/Fibre Fixture CTD 450

Pressure Cell CC25/Pr150/In/A1/SS

Measuring Bob B-CC25/PR/TI-A1, Dia =25mm

Pressure Head 150 BAR-A1 PRH150/Q1-A1

Q1-Coupling for Pressure Cell

Portable Compact High Pressure Compressor (200 bar)

P-PTD120/GL UV-Measuring Cell with Peltier Control

UV Light Source UV Source including radiometer, Control cable

Light Guide 5mm x 750mm

Microscope System including stand, P-PTD120/GL, Fixture, PP40/GL,CSA

Microscope tube

CCD camera for microscope system

Lens for microscope system

VT 2 Circulatoar (-28 deg C to 200 deg c;+/-0.01K)