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Purchase Order Details for IMP(122)/28/ 2008/PB/448-A

PO Date:- 2008-12-18

Purchase Order Cost:- JPY 3470000.00

Name of Item:-Shimadzu Prominence HPLC system


Vendor Name:-Shimadzu Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Spinco Biotech Pvt. Ltd.



Technical Specifications :-

Shimadzu Prominence HPLC system

1.Solvent delivery system 228-45000-38 LC-20AD Liquid pumps

2.Automatic rinsing kit 228-45567-93

3.Gradient mixer 228-45093-93

4.Degasser 228-45018-32

5.Sample injector/manual injector 228-32210-93

6.100 ul sample loop 228-32211-16


(670-12098-11) 25ul HPLC syringe 1 No.

(670-12554-03) 50ul HPLC syringe 2 Nos.

(670-12554-04) 100ul HPLC syringe 1 No.

8.Column oven 228-45010-38

9.HPLC columns:

Reverse Phase Phenomenex C18(2) column 00G-4252-EO 1 No.

Normal Phase Phenomenex Silica(2) column 00G-4274-EO 1 No.

10.Photodiode array detector 228-45005-38

11.Software LC solution multi PDA software 228-05673-92

12.System controller 228-45012-38

13.PC-55N (2nd channel board) 223-03507-91 and Replacement consumables/spare parts kit (for smooth trouble free operation for at least 2-3 years) 1 No.

14.Plunger seal 228-35146

15.Check valve 228-35719-91