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241 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(580-D)/Pur/2006-07/786

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-30

Name of the Item:- LEICA UC6 b-Ultramicrotome for Biological Applications for 100-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Leica Microsystems Vertrieb GmbH, Germany through M/s. Blue Star Limited, Mumbai

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242 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(753-Fabri)/Pur/2006-07/771

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-28

Name of the Item:- Fabrication of a WADIA make Mobile display & Demo Van


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Wadia Body Builders, Ahmedabad

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243 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(753-Chasis)/Pur/2006-07/712

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-15

Name of the Item:- ASHOK LEYLAND ALPSV 4/86 12 M Bus


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Ashok Leyland Limited, Ahmedabad

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244 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(787)/Pur/2005-06/394

Purchase Order Date:- 2007-03-06

Name of the Item:- Automatic Micropore Physisorption Analyser


Vendor's Name :- Micromeritics Instrument Corpn. USA, through M/s. Kunash Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Thane (West)

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245 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(404)/Pur/2006-07/503

Purchase Order Date:- 2006-11-23

Name of the Item:- Desktop Computer with Pentium IV Processor as per DGS $ D Rate Contract


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Ashtech Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

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