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Purchase Orders

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11 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(559-A)/16-17/PB/970

Purchase Order Date:- 2017-02-20

Name of the Item:- Automated Flash Chromatography


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Teledyne Instrument inc Through M/s. Spetech Marketing (India) Pvt.Ltd"

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12 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(566)/16-17/PB/967

Purchase Order Date:- 2017-02-17

Name of the Item:- High Pressure Reactor


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Parr Instruments Company Through M/s. Orbit Technologies Pvt.Ltd"

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13 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(561)/16-17/PB/915

Purchase Order Date:- 2017-02-07

Name of the Item:- Test Kit for RO Membrane


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Prova Technotrade Pvt.Ltd

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14 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(618)/16-17/PB/776

Purchase Order Date:- 2017-01-06

Name of the Item:- Foritgate UTM (Firewall) support renewal including Hardware


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Rubik Infotech pvt ltd

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15 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(337)/16-17/PB/758

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-12-27

Name of the Item:- Bench-top high pressure compact reactor system


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Amar Equipments Pvt.Ltd

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16 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(295)/16-17/PB/729

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-12-14

Name of the Item:- plant growth chamber


Vendor's Name :- "M/s. Percival Scientific Inc. Through M/s. JKG Bio Science Pvt.Ltd"

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17 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(353)/16-17/PB/660

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-11-22

Name of the Item:- DNA Sequencer and Instrument


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Life Technologies Holdings Pte.Ltd

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18 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(60-A)/16-17/PB/513

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-09-27

Name of the Item:- Surface Area


Vendor's Name :- "A-M/s. Micromeritics Instruments Corp. Through M/s. Kunash Instruments Pvt.Ltds"

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19 Purchase Order No. :- 10-53(251)/16-17/PB/491

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-09-20

Name of the Item:- Prefabricated S.S. 316 basin


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Vishwakarma Mechanical Works

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20 Purchase Order No. :- IMP(200)/16-17/PB/480

Purchase Order Date:- 2016-09-16

Name of the Item:- Cryo Stage for Scanning Electron Microscope


Vendor's Name :- M/s. Jeol India Pvt.Ltd

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